Farmer’s Market Projects

“A Day in the Life” Program

Farmer’s Market’s goal is to promote education, compassion and empathy throughout the world, including here in Canada. The “Day in the Life” Program follows three brothers from Kenya for a day – from the morning getting ready for school, during the day in their classes, and after school at home. The concept is to compare and contrast life in Kenya with that of Canada, from the viewpoint of a student.

The “Day in the Life” Program involves speaking with students in Canadian schools and showing the “Day in the Life” video. By comparing two similar situations in very different places, students in Canada will be able to appreciate what they have while learning different ways people live. We will encourage them to mimic Kenyan traditions for the rest of the day, while wearing a traditional Kenyan lesso (colourful wrap), and then meet at the end of the day for discussions.

The “Day in the Life” video is in progress, so stay tuned for more updates!