Future Goals

Build a Community Centre

Farmer’s Market rents the building and land for our current Community Centre in Kenya, which amounts to approximately 33% of the monthly budget. Our long term goal is to build our own Community Centre to meet the long term needs of the Ngong community.

  • Estimated cost of land is $15,000 (CAD)
  • Estimated cost of building a community centre is $17,500 (CAD)


Water Well Construction

Farmer’s Market currently has 8 children enrolled in our School Sponsorship Program who live in the remote area of Mbusiani, Kenya. This community does not have access to clean, sustainable water and residents have to carry buckets to the river several kilometers away.

Our future goal is to provide this community with clean drinking water by constructing a water well. Having clean water will not only benefit the children we are sending to school, but will also improve the lives of everyone in this community.